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Social Media Answers

Freedata offers client customers’ marketing divisions the possibility to capture, analyse and engage in social media products to address:

  • Brand Image
  • Innovation
  • Consumer needs
  • Launch of new products
  • Communication effectiveness



Insights extracted and processed using statistical, semantic and psychometric analysis tools.

Delivery of qualitative and quantitative reporting packages with a graph and analytic representation of the key results.

Market studies relative to the last 3, 6 or 12 month period potentially capable of gathering information on consumer opinions over a period dating back to a maximum of three years.

Initiate an online community to motivate and manage conversations on subjects not discussed on the web (new or sensitive concepts) in line with  WOMMA’s code of ethics (Word of Mouth Marketing Association).

Analysis of the results and market reports with the help, where deemed necessary of a certified psychologist.



Freedata’s 15-year experience in market research activities as well as statistical analysis guarantees a professional approach and all the necessary expertise to provide a high value added service with the objective to answer all clients’ needs efficiently and in a reliable manner.

The use of the Alterian SM2 platform as a tool to gather contents and data from the web: a leading international technological platform that covers almost all digital sources (blogs, forum, social media, microblogging, video/photo sharing,…) and archives up to three years of back data.

International scalability: Freedata is able to replicate the methodology applied in multiple countries, thanks to the web listening platform’s multi-language coverage as well as the experience matured in multi-country projects.



Freedata provides Social Media Research reports that answer a series of critical Business Issues relative to both online and offline marketing strategies:

Brand Image

  • What is the position of my company and/or brand versus its’ main competitors?
  • How is my brand perceived compared to my main competitors?
  • What are the issues and characteristics of my product being discussed on the web?

These three questions are answered by means of qualitative and quantitative analysis of consumers’ conversations on the web thanks to tools such as:

Brand Race Quadrant: a tool, which visualizes the position of the brands being monitored by cross matching the buzz (notoriety) and reputation levels.

Brand Association Map: two-dimensional snapshot of brand identity/perception by means of the important concepts that consumer conversations associate with it.


Consumer needs and Innovation

  • What are the practical as well as emotional needs that consumers express spontaneously when referring to the reference market being monitored?
  • What are the like or dislike elements being discussed about my brand and my competitors?

The analysis of online conversations provides an answer to these questions. Freedata in addition proposes the following tools:

Content Emotion Analysis= measures the emotional contents of the conversations monitored.

User Generated Content Snapshot= in-depth analysis of the critical issues and strong points on various brands as they emerge from spontaneous conversations. .


Launch of new products

  • How did the market respond to my new product?  Can I obtain any indications prior to the launch? Or in real time once the product is launched?

Analysis of consumer online conversations and the creation of an On-line Community (virtual focus group managed by a professional conversation agent) can also satisfy this requirement.


Communication Effectiveness

  • What are the tools that can be used when communicating in order to reach out to consumers in a focused and coherent manner? Should it be necessary to differentiate the post and tone of communication depending on the target group. How can this be done?

With the Talking Style Analysis, Freedata is able to pinpoint the communication styles used online to communicate and talk about a relative product or market and in addition, provides a segmentation of the web channels (blogs, forum, social media,…) on the basis of the communication style used in these web communities.



Daniele Paladini – Research Director

[email protected]


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