Modern Marketing: Experience, Conversation, Conversion – Milan, 7 Oct 2014

How to propose a truly memorable buying experience ? How to take advantage of the explosion of social networks to win new customers? How to provide customers with relevant information, in the online places where they look for them, lowering costs and increasing revenues? Read more

Freedata Labs speaker at Figaro Digital’s Social Media Seminar in London

Figaro Digital’s Social Media Seminar is tailored exclusively to the needs of senior digital decision-makers and brand-side clients actively seeking new agency partners and technology companies.

The event is taking place in London on June 5 at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden. More information and registration here.

Valeria Severini -Freedata Labs CEO, will join Rob Zomerdijk - VP Sales EMEA Social Intelligence, SDL to speak about how a company can move beyond social listening and use social intelligence to power data-driven decisions in the enterprise.

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SDL Innovate 2014: Valeria Severini (CEO) speaker at the SDL international event on data-driven innovation

Valeria Severini, CEO of Freedata Labs, will be a speaker at “SDL Innovate 2014“, a series of international events organized by SDL collecting success stories from around the world on how innovation drives actually buying experience of people.

The event is scheduled for May 7 in London, and on 19 May in Amsterdam. More information here.

The intervention of Valeria Severini “How you can move beyond social listening: using social intelligence to power data-driven decisions in the enterprise” will tell how the social intelligence developed by Freedata Labs has helped De Agostini in the launch of “ROBI the robot” in Japan.
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Dig’@novation, Paris - 11 April 2013

Join Freedata Labs for a drink this April at A2Z Art Gallery in Paris. We will talk about some of our recent case histories from 6:30pm on April 11 while enjoying beautiful pieces of art. To join simply drop an email to [email protected].

Valeria Severini, CEO Freedata Labs, joins the debate at the closing conference of the European project Connect Me!

Valeria Severini speaks at the panel at the final European conference of the project Connect Me! Social inclusion, e-inclusion and the Web-based learning - join the European in Milan!

Connect Me! is the final conference of a project that lasted three years, as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) of the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Key Activity 3, focusing on information technology as one of the key factor for learning, skills development, the growth of individuals, businesses and society.
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Why do people join Facebook?

The study “Personality and Social Networks”, lead by Dr. Ambrogio Penati – psychiatrist- and by Dr. Samantha Bernardi – psychologist, investigates the relationship between social networks and users’ personality. The research was carried out to answer some questions: why do people join Facebook? Read more

Italiana Talkability

“Italiana Talkability” is the first Social Intelligence Study on Italian online conversations related to Consumer Goods.

Friday May 27th 2011 at 11 a.m.
Università Bocconi, Aula #38 – Piazza Sraffa, 13 – Milan
Study carried out by Freedata Labs
Presented by the Istituto di Scienza delle Decisioni dell’Università Bocconi
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Freedata Labs is the exclusive distributor of Alterian for Italy

Freedata Labs, technical sponsor of the Social Medial Week, presents ALTERIAN SM2, one of the world’s most advanced Social Intelligence platforms, on February 8th 2011 in Rome.


Freedata Labs presents the Alterian SM2 technology to the Italian market Tuesday 8th February at the Soffitel Villa Borghese at the Social Media Week being held in Rome.
Alterian MS2 is a Business Intelligence Solution that allows sources to draw innovative data that can revolutionize companies’ approach to Marketing Information.
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Web trends in 2011

Freedata Labs, technical sponsor of the Social Media Week, proposes a Social Intelligence study (based on listening to conversation on the web) on web trends in 2011 that has looked into themes such as video calling, Mobile blogging, F-Commerce, cyber-bullying and Netiquette, to understand how users “live” and communicate on these subjects.

The Study in addition, provides, a comparison between Italy, France, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil and Hong Kong. From this study it emerges that Italy converses more with respect to other European countries, whereas it is in line with the US.
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