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Social Insights

Freedata offers client companies a study that allows them to understand how much, where and whom and with what sentiment people are talking about companies, their products and the topics being surveyed and widely discussed on the web, the conversation and talking styles used and who the influencers are.



Insights are processed using statistical and psychometric analysis tools.

Qualitative and quantitative reports complete with graphs and analytic assessment of key results

A report based on web-generated contents, providing a snap shot of the web over the last 3, 6, 12 months or a maximum of 3 years historical data.

The Freedata Social Media Intelligence portfolio includes:

  • Daily Volume: Result trends (Buzz) in a daily time series and 7 day moving average (weekly)
  • Share of Voice: weight percentage of the various digital channels that characterize the web (Blogs, Forum, Social Networks, Microblogging, Mainstream,…) with reference to the domain of investigation.
  • Share of Buzz: weight percentage of the buzz (number of results) on the various brands\companies being analyzed in the time span monitored and extracted per digital channel  (Blogs, Forum, Social Networks, Microblogging, Mainstream,…).
  • Sentiment Analysis: measures the reputation of the brands/companies analyzed on the various digital channels monitored.
  • Brand Race Quadrant: map, which visualizes the position of the brands being monitored by cross matching the buzz  (notoriety) and the net promoter score (advocacy)
  • Top Domain Analysis: identification of the digital sites (blogs, forum, Social Network profiles,…) that in addition to covering a high number of conversations are also the most influential, with the largest and most qualified audiences. Identification is obtained using qualitative, quantitative and psychometric analysis tools.
  • Influencer Analysis; identification of the major “brand advocates”, key users to better understand and drive consumers’ attitude towards brands and the market of reference. Identification is made using psychometric analysis tools and qualitative and quantitative procedures.
  • Identification of most relevant topics: The key topics being discussed on the digital channels can be identified using both qualitative and qualitative analysis tools.
  • Association Mapping: presentation of the Brand Perception using the topics associated with the brand. The quantitative analysis guarantees a vision of the spontaneous association between the topics and/or characteristics and the brands.
  • Content Emotion Analysis: a study of the emotional contents that emerge from the conversations in order to understand and activate communication empathy tools.
  • Brand Personality: a study that attributes the distinctive traits of the human personality (the Big Five Traits theory) to the brands/companies monitored and thus provides a differentiation of the very same brands or digital channels.
  • Talking Style Clusters: study which divides  communities, users, based on their talking style used in conversations/posts regarding the brands/companies being monitored.



FREEDATA’s 15-year experience in statistical analysis and CRM guarantees the professional approach and all the necessary expertise needed to provide a high value added service with the objective to answer all clients’ needs efficiently and in a reliable manner.

Our modular Service portfolio allows us to build together with our clients the best possible solution to fit their individual needs and use the individual blocks when and as needed and at the same time takes into account the clients’ existing in-house information and expertise, and staff skill sets.

The joint use of all quantitative, qualitative and psychometric analysis tools available, to fully understand the Key Learning projects.

Our knowledge of the communication empathy tools to be used on digital channels.

International scalability: Freedata is able to replicate the methodology applied in multiple countries, thanks to the web listening platform’s multi-language coverage as well as the experience matured in multi-country projects.



Freedata Insights answers a series of Business issues fundamental in understanding marketing and communications needs:

  • How my brand is perceived, what the topics are addressed and the talking styles;
  • What communications points should be used to best target and coherently address one’s own reference audience;
  • What the talking styles and the empathy tools are to used in the new conversation marketing panorama:
  • Who the influencers are and their single personalities;
  • The key elements to undertake Social Engagement activities.



Cristiano Toni – Chief Operating Officer

[email protected]


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