Web trends in 2011

Freedata Labs, technical sponsor of the Social Media Week, proposes a Social Intelligence study (based on listening to conversation on the web) on web trends in 2011 that has looked into themes such as video calling, Mobile blogging, F-Commerce, cyber-bullying and Netiquette, to understand how users “live” and communicate on these subjects.

The Study in addition, provides, a comparison between Italy, France, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil and Hong Kong. From this study it emerges that Italy converses more with respect to other European countries, whereas it is in line with the US.

The style with which Italian users discuss the above listed themes is very different of that of other countries, in that the discussions easily become scandal-mongered and aprioristic towards technology. In the case of cyber-bullying and netiquette, for example, the attitude is clearly unconstructive. The approach to Mobile blogging, shows the ongoing love story between Italians and mobile networks and particular attention to free service offers. But the theme that attracts the highest number of conversations – in Europe Italy leads the ranking together with France – is F-commerce, which is approached with enthusiasm and open-mindedness towards the future.

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