Alterian is a Multinational company with its Headquarters in Bristol (UK) and 22 offices spread all over the world. Its Web Monitoring Platform, Alterian SM2, is one of the world’s leading platforms, a Business Intelligence solution that provides insight into Social Media and allows access to innovative data sources, clients’ feedback and opinions.
Thanks to the use of Alterian SM2, for which we have the exclusive in Italy, it is possible to:

  • Retrieve and easily analyze data coming form Social Media channels;
  • Control Brands and their competitors;
  • Identify key communities and influencers;
  • Direct clients with ad hoc services;
  • Conduct objective studies;
  • Generate new sales-leads.

SM2 contains more that 9 billion quotes from online conversations. All the sources of these conversations are plotted and listed in order to give who is speaking on the web a complete vision of the category and brand of interest.
The web listening platform guarantees access to every detail, up to the single “click”, from the date of the post and the geographic position of the author.
The online conversations are constantly examined, indexed and added to the database, which is continually growing and expanding. We collect over 40 million new results each day, and practically analyze all available online sources: the analysis of the historical series can provide useful information on the types of events that can increase interest in a given category or brand. The Listening platform, in addition, automatically classifies all the results on the basis of a given expressed emotion (positive, negative, neutral) using a key word.