Gamification is the use of game thinking and mechanics in non-contexts to engage users and positively incentivize them to reach a target.

It always works because we are genetically built to like games, of any kind!

Freedata Labs has been using gamification for approximately two years, to incentivize the use of Social Networks by employees and sales forces. Our projects can usually be split into two phases

  • Social Media Training
  • Gamification Project

Some companies decide to use a social approach for their sales strategy (social selling).

As a result, with Freedata Labs’s help, they develop a project based on training their employees - particularly the sales force - and on involving the top management.
When the training session is over, the company’s message is ultimately to “use them!

But one of the critical points is getting people used to using Social Media: they are often afraid to post updates because they are worried to write the wrong thing or express a concept inappropriately.
This is where gamification projects come in.

Using appropriate platforms:

  • The company supplies ready content for employees to be shared on line for bottom-up communication
  • Sharing this content allows employees playing the game to generate visibility on topics that would otherwise remain hidden


The employees’ actions whilst playing are rewarded and can predict actions linked to Social Media channels:

- sharing
- content suggestions (if accepted)
And actions that are not linked to Social Media channels:
- consulting material for self-study
- participating in special events (AVIS donation, etc…)
- participating in challenges (title suggestions and payoffs for example)

Freedata Labs sustains its clients in:
- developing game mechanics
- choosing points to assign to actions according to game targets
- creating the game’s editorial plan (what content to share)
- choosing the prizes


Clients’ advantages:

  1. Employees no longer face the issue of finding content to share: it is readily available and pre-approved (thus no fear that it is not in line with social policies)
  2. Impressions generated through sharing are generated by human beings: they are much more valuable than impressions generated through ADV

Our strengths:

  1. we are not tied down to a specific gamification platform, we choose the best one according to targets
  2. we have worked with clients in different sectors and have always obtained very high levels of participation and views of shared content.