Target Selection:

Building the customer database (Customer Knowledge Base CKB) is only the first step for adopting a proper business strategy starting from the data.

Freedata, after having helped the customer in reaching a higher quality database and having integrated into it information from multiple sources, both internal and external, helps the customer in building ad effective "target selection" strategy.

Selecting the right target from the customer database based on specific objectives is the essential step for a successful marketing and sales strategy. It is not just a matter of selecting companies from a specific market sector, or geographical area, or concentrate on certain job functions only. An effective and successful targeting strategy take into account different aspects, such as:

Freedata helps the customer in building the right targeting models depending on the market and the products sold, using information from the customer database as well as information on the markets. Tools can then be build along with the models, ranging from simple MS Excel sheet for immediately selecting the target for a marketing campaign, to more sophisticated tools putting into relation multiple information for the ideal target.