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Lo sai che puoi agire per migliorare la percezione del tuo brand e aumentare le vendite?


Lo sai che puoi ascoltare come si parla di te nel web e misurare le tue azioni di social media marketing?


Vuoi ottenere dai tuoi dati più informazioni per comunicare e per incrementare le tue vendite?


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“Listening first, selling second”

Dale Carnegie

Until Web 1.0 all marketing initiatives were “Point & Shoot”.

You used to decide the correct target audience for your campaign "point", and then "shoot" your message with the call-to-action to meet your objectives. Web 1.0 introduced a new channel alongside the established channels of TV, radio and newspapers. But nothing really changed in terms of how you tried to reach potential customers.
Do banners and email campaigns, as opposed to print advertising and TV commercials, represent a different approach from a marketing perspective ? Not at all.

Along came Web 2.0 and the growth of social networking - possibly the real potential of the Web. - This changed how people interacted online, bringing new opportunities (and threats) to companies and their marketing teams. After all, listening to what consumers are saying and recommending to each other has always been the dream of marketers. Market researchers tried to capture the voices out there, though with limited success. But what people say on the Web stays on the Web!
Conversations leave indelible traces, can be identified, tracked, analysed and understood for marketing purposes. This gives incredible new opportunities to marketers to execute their campaigns, not
only Social Media Marketing campaigns, but also traditional ones. Enter Freedata Labs' unique approach: Listen & Act. Listen to what people are saying, then decide on your course of action, keep listening and monitoring to see how your actions change consumer perception.

Freedata Labs' Web Listening Platform lets you:

  • Understand what people are saying about you and your products
  • Understand what people are recommending to each other
  • Understand your brand perception relative to your competitors
  • Continuously monitor your marketing campaign through changes in the perception of users
  • Build a 24/7 database of conversations, collected every single day


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