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Did you know that you can listen to what they’re saying about you on the web and measure the results of your social media marketing actions?


And did you know that you can take action to improve the perception of your brand and increase sales?


Do you have numerous customer files that need to be updated or reorganized?



Do you want to get the most out of your data and boost sales?


Do you want to act to increase the number of your customers?


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Listen to what they’re saying about you on the web and measure the results of social media marketing actions. The Brand Race Quadrant®



The web is a constantly flowing stream of data and information.

We’ve therefore developed a web monitoring tool for listening to what they’re saying on the web about a specific brand or product and extracting useful information for marketing actions: The Brand Race Quadrant®.


What The Brand Race Quadrant® does:


  • Identifies the web places (social networking sites, forums etc.) where people are talking about issues related to your brand or product and using keywords associated with it
  • Helps create a social media marketing campaign based on precise, detailed information on the web places on which you need to focus to achieve your objectives
  • Provides information on the position of your brand or product relative to the competition’s
  • Provides information on the effectiveness of the actions implemented by your company and by the competition
  • Tests conducted on consumer goods demonstrate that there are significant correlations between the position of a brand in the quadrant and sales trends.


How it works:

The company's and its competitors' brands are researched using sophisticated web-crawling tools on the web, blogs, online forums, social networking sites and online press releases. This gauges the buzz generated by the brand or product.


All references to the brands undergo semantic analysis: The part of the text pertinent to the analysis is identified, the construction of the phrase is analysed from a syntactic perspective, topics are identified and product or brand sentiment is revealed. In each instance, an advocacy index is also generated - that is, customer propensity to recommend a product.




The Brand Race Quadrant is a key performance indicator that summarizes buzz and advocacy data within a quadrant. Four situations are possible:

  •  If advocacy is positive and buzz is high (success), the brand situation is excellent.
  •  If advocacy is positive and buzz is low (communicate), the brand needs better communication.
  •  If advocacy is negative and buzz is high (crisis), the brand is undergoing a crisis and quick intervention is needed.
  •  If advocacy is negative and buzz is low (renew), the brand requires a complete overhaul.



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