Freedata guides the customer through the integration of internal as well as external data sources into its own customer database (Customer Knowledge Base CKB).
Thanks to its experience on the European markets, Freedata can select on the market the sources and type of information most suitable to the business needs of the customer.

Integration of different sources into the CKB can be necessary because of missing information or fragmentation that do not allow a proper and effective target selection for marketing and sales campaigns. These additional sources can be found within the company, but more often it is necessary to select the proper ones on the market. A particular attention in the enhancement process of the CKB is to selecting the "best record" in case an information is available from multiple sources. It is extremely important that contacts gathered from marketing or sales campaigns during the years are kept, but at the same time enriching the information is as well important.

Through its mother tongue call centres throughout Europe which employ specialized agents, Freedata offers the following activities to enrich the information of its customers: