In 2011 Freedata Labs started offering training courses on Social Media, Social Selling, Social Intelligence and Web Listening for vocational training bodies (for example CFMT) and clients, both B2B and B2C, in their premises.

The courses we offer aim to:

teach employees to mindfully use Social Media  channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, …) to give visibility to their brands, products, services etc.

teach the sales staff to use LinkedIn and Twitter to devolop new Business opportunities (Social Selling)

help TOP management define guidelines to use social media channels in line with  Personal Branding targets and to sustain the corporate Social Media channels

understand the importance of Web Listening and Social Intelligence analysis that supports digital marketing and learn how to use the main tools, both the free ones and those that are not.



Our strengths

  • The content of the courses is accurately defined to fit the client’s specific needs, based on the participants’ pre-existing familiarity with the subject
  • Our teachers work daily in the areas they are teaching about. This guarantees extremely practical classes oriented toward supplying concrete tools, suggestions and advice
  • We offer a ‘long-distance’ training plan between sessions that consists in sending material to help students review the subjects. Students can also call at specified times to clarify any doubts that may arise between courses
  • “Social Media Coffee”, a group on LinkedIn, was specifically created by the teachers to post any significant news in the world of Social Media alongside food for thought for their students