Social Intelligence

Social Media channels are not only the ideal tool to establish a form of communication between a brand and its users, they are also a new and extremely vast data source, rich in information produced quickly and spontaneously by a target of lively, key consumers.

The web is where people get information, where they share their consumer experience and feel like members of a community of people with similar tastes and lifestyles. The relentless diffusion of Internet in households (but also access from mobile devices) allows tapping into a universe of constantly growing users, both in number and penetration, in the various age groups and income brackets.

Freedata Labs offers analysis and research services that help understanding how much, where and with what sentiment people are talking about a company, its products or the content that is being analysed, what subjects are being discussed on line, what the tone of the conversations is and the talking style used, who the influencers are, what content a company should use for individual targets.



Freedata Labs’ Social Intelligence-Web listening is based on statistical analysis and psychometric assessment and includes qualitative and quantitative analysis based on the content produced on the web.

Freedata Labs collects data using some of the most state-of-the-art and utilised Web Monitoring platforms in the world. It then applies its own Business Intelligence and data mining analyses to the results it has obtained.

The true objective is “understanding” the dynamics behind the conversations, more than discovering data or numbers.





Our strengths:

  • We analyse the web in 24 languages, including Chinese!
  • We never limit ourselves to just investigating whether the sentiment about a product or brand is positive or negative, but work to supply the marketing division with analyses that lead to strategic decisions
  • Our analyses vary according to the different targets, context and markets
  • We define analyses for competitive markets and contexts that are capable of monitoring digital evolution and understanding underlying dynamics over time