CRM & Social CRM

It is becoming more and more common for people and companies to be asked for their personal details: when we buy clothes, when a supermarket issues a new loyalty card, when we fill in an online company questionnaire or we register for an event or take part in a contest on Social Networks. When adequately incentivised, users give their personal details attracted by prizes, discounts, special offers or interesting possibilities like listening to a Web guru.


The data collected are stored in databases that are all too often forgotten: because companies simply do not have time, because they do not know how to use them or because they forget that they even have them… Depsite this, it is extremely important for them to use their wealth of data and information to get to know their clients better, to understand their behaviour, to increase profit and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

CRM is a process for Freedata Labs, not a technology. We know how to keep trace of clients’ behaviour offline, online and on Social Media channels and how to transform the data obtained into actions that are useful to improve relations between a company and its clients, to simplify acquisition processes and make sales procedures more efficient.


Freedata Labs services in CRM and Social CRM:

  • Advice and solutions directed at the marketing and sales management of data – both from traditional channels and from the Web and Social Media channels - available to the company. These services are primarily aimed at employees in charge of Marketing, Digital Managers, Sales Managers, Customer Care Managers.
  • Development and management of projects and CRM & Database Management/Social CRM processes aimed at optimizing the marketing and sales management of the client base and prospects
  • Creation of Marketing Mix models to estimate the impact of the marketing strategies (marketing mix: price, offer, advertising) on sales
  • Data Quality, to ensure coherent, consistent and unequivocal data
  • Data Mining & Analytics (exploring, cleaning, transforming and modelling of data to highlight information that sustains strategic corporate decisions)



Our strengths:

  • When Freedata Labs was founded in 1993 it created and managed databases. Analysing and managing relations between companies and their clients is in our DNA!
  • We adapt our services and experience to the client’s needs and budget, and include functionality and knowhow that help solving both the small problems (“We have collected the personal details of 1,000 clients, could you normalise them for me?”) and the bigger ones (“We need to integrate the national databases into a single continental database and then manage it, could you help us?”)
  • We know how to interpret more than 20 different languages
  • We are technology free: some of the best tools on the market to manage CRM are available to us and for each and every case we use the most effective ones to reach our targets
  • We help our clients in day-to-day management or do it for them